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Reusable round plate divided into 3 diets

Reusable round plate divided into 3 diets

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Introducing the Reusable 3-Compartment Dinner Plate! This innovative kitchen dish is perfect for those who want to maintain a balanced diet and control the portions of their meals. Made with high-quality plastic, this round plate has 3 compartments that allow you to separate the different food groups in a single meal. You won't have to worry about mixing your favorite foods anymore! The Plate Divided into 3 Compartments is microwave safe, which means you can heat your meals without problems. In addition, its minimalist design in Nordic colors, such as Nordic rice, Nordic blue, Nordic pink and Nordic green, will give a modern touch to your kitchen. This dish is ideal for adults who want to eat a balanced diet and control their portions. Whether you are following a specific diet or simply want to control your eating habits, this dish will help you stay in control and enjoy a balanced meal.


Measurements: 22cm

Temperatures from -20°C to 120°C.

Plastic material

Box contents:

1 x Unit

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