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Mini Portable Clip-On LED Desk Lamp USB Rechargeable

Mini Portable Clip-On LED Desk Lamp USB Rechargeable

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Brighten up your reading moments with our mini portable clip-on LED desk lamp! With 24 adjustable lighting modes and a power of 7W, this lamp allows you to always find the perfect light for your needs. Its flexible and portable design allows you to place it in any position and take it with you wherever you want. With a long-lasting rechargeable battery and a wide lighting area, this lamp is perfect for offices, bedrooms and anywhere you need additional lighting. Don't let lack of light stop you, get our mini LED lamp today!


Measurements: 31.4cm x 8cm x 4.2cm (12.4x3.1x1.7inch)

Material: ABS

Clamp opening: 4cm

Power: 0.5W

Lamp: 14 LED beads

Battery: 1000 milliamp lithium polymer battery

Charging time and battery life: 3h/7h (maximum brightness)

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1 x Unit

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