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Silicone holders for toothbrushes and other accessories

Silicone holders for toothbrushes and other accessories

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These practical and original silicone hangers for your accessories will give a fun touch to the space while being easy to use and place thanks to their adhesive. Rust-proof and waterproof, ensuring they can be used in humid conditions. Including the shower. The hook holders have extremely sticky pads that firmly hold accessories on smooth surfaces, such as tile, marble, desktop, plastic, wood, glass, metal and rubber, etc. In addition to being able to hold your accessories in the bathroom, they will also look great in other spaces in the house.


Installation method: Self-adhesive

Material: Silicone

Measurements: 5cm x 2cm

Not suitable for painted walls, wallpaper and rough surfaces

Peel off the protective layer on the back and stick it on the wall. Press firmly for 1 minute

It is recommended to hang the items after 24 hours

Box contents:

1 x Unit

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