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Classic Welcome Doormat Dirt Resistant Entrance Door Mat

Classic Welcome Doormat Dirt Resistant Entrance Door Mat

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This doormat is designed to keep your front door free of dirt and provide an elegant touch to your hallway. It is resistant and withstands the constant passage of people without losing its original shape. In addition, its rectangular embroidered design gives it a modern and elegant look. One of the standout features of this doormat is its wrinkle resistance and non-slip capabilities, making it a safe choice for any type of floor. In addition, its adhesive protective layer prevents it from slipping and moving, giving you peace of mind and security with every step. Not only is it a functional doormat, but it is also easy to clean. Thanks to its absorption capacity, it efficiently captures dirt and moisture, keeping your home clean and tidy. Ideal for those looking for a practical and stylish solution to keep their home spotless.


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Material: Polypropylene

Box contents:

1 x Unit

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