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Punch-Free Power Cable Holder

Punch-Free Power Cable Holder

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Are you tired of making holes in your walls to hang things? We have the perfect solution for you! Our Punch-Free Power Plug Holder is the easiest and most convenient way to hang your towels, kitchen utensils and bathroom accessories without damaging your walls. With a sleek and discreet design, these adhesive hooks are almost invisible, making them ideal for your home decor. Forget about drills, screws and glue, simply stick the hooks on any smooth surface and they are ready to use. Our socket holder features a unique double hook design, allowing you to save space and safely place your sockets. Plus, it reduces the risk of leaks and accidents! These adhesive hooks are very versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as wood, tile, ceramic, metal and plastic. They are perfect for hanging bathroom accessories in the bathroom or kitchen utensils on the wall in your kitchen. Don't waste any more time and money repairing holes in your walls! Try our Drill-Free Power Plug Holder and discover how easy it is to hang your things without damaging your walls. Make your life easier and tidier with our adhesive hooks!


Measurements: 6cm x 6cm

Material: PVC

Box contents:

1 x Unit

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