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Ceramic bowl and cutlery set for ramen, rice, noodles, soup, etc.

Ceramic bowl and cutlery set for ramen, rice, noodles, soup, etc.

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Discover our amazing ceramic bowl and cutlery set to enjoy your favorite dishes such as ramen, rice, noodles, soup and much more! With this set, you can experience authentic Japanese food from the comfort of your home. The bowl is made of high-quality ceramic, specifically porcelain, which ensures its durability and strength. Its authentic and elegant Japanese design will give a special touch to your meals, making them even more appetizing. This set includes a ceramic bowl and cutlery, everything you need to enjoy a complete culinary experience. The bowl is finished with pigmentation technique, giving it a unique and eye-catching look. In addition, it meets quality and safety standards, since it has CIQ certification. The versatility of this set is impressive. You can use it to serve any type of dish, be it ramen, rice, noodles or soup. Its generous size allows you to enjoy generous portions, perfect for sharing with friends and family.


18cm x 7.3cm (A/B/F/G)

19.5cm x 8cm (C/D/H)

Chopsticks + Spoon + Bowl Set

Material: Ceramic

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