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Reusable Nylon Detachable Cable Ties 30 / 50 Pcs

Reusable Nylon Detachable Cable Ties 30 / 50 Pcs

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Keep your cables organized quickly and easily with our Reusable Nylon Detachable Cable Ties! This handy T-type cable organizer comes in two options: a 30-pack or a 50-pack. These cable ties are made of durable nylon and are reusable, allowing you to adjust and rearrange your cables without hassle. Plus, they come in various colors so you can easily identify your cables. Say goodbye to tangled cables and keep your space tidy with our Reusable Detachable Nylon Cable Ties!


150mm x 12mm

Material: Nylon

Box contents:

30/50 x Units

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